Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball captures the spirit of an impromptu game played by two teams of two kids each. The game lasts three innings. Each half-inning consists of a series of plays, each of which has four steps:

1. The fielding player positions the fielder pawn, then secretly chooses a pitch card.
2. The batter chooses a batting card, both players reveal their cards, and roll the die.
3. Compare the roll to the # on the pitcher’s card; if it’s less, check the pitcher’s card to see where the ball goes, otherwise use the batter’s card. If the fielder pawn is there, it’s an out, otherwise it’s a hit!
4. The batter may try to extend the play and advance the runner(s), but the pitcher gets to play a card to try to throw the lead runner out.

The batting team only has two pawn, so when a pawn that’s on base has to bat, it’s replaced with a ghost runner.

If a runner reaches home, the batting team scores a point (run).

After three outs, the teams switch roles and repeat the process.

The team with the higher score after three innings wins!


Two players play a quick game of backyard baseball in this free print-and-play game!


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Game Design

Jeff Warrender

Graphic Design

Jeff Warrender


Belltower Games (web-published)