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Praise for You Said This Would Be Fun:

“This is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in a comprehensive analysis of game design.”

  • Uli Blennemann, game developer and publisher (Spielworxx)

“Most game design books tend to focus not on how to design a game, but on the process to move a game from design to publication.  With You Said This Would Be Fun, Jeff has effectively — and entertainingly — moved the focus back to the process of designing a good game in the first place.  I cannot recommend it highly enough for those working on a boardgame design for the first time, and even experienced designers will find useful perspective and advice in this book.”

  • Joseph Huber, game designer (Caravan, Ice Cream, Scream Machine)

“This book is a good step back from the ‘kitchen-sink’ methodology of game design that prefers complex puzzle optimization over direct player interaction. While crowdfunding platforms encourage a new generation of creatives to become game designers, Warrender draws from his own experience as well as the knowledge of designers and gaming journalists from the past 20 years to reintroduce the lessons learned from the German board game renaissance: namely, how to create player-driven games that are engaging, motivating and challenging.”

  • Jeffrey Allers, game designer (Gunkimono, Alea Iacta Est, New York Slice)

“There’s great joy to be found in an unpublished prototype on the cusp of greatness, but there’s nothing quite as deflating as a prototype presented by someone who clearly hasn’t studied up on what works and what doesn’t. The value of Warrender’s You Said This Would Be Fun is in its common sense — and sometimes, more importantly, its uncommon sense. An invaluable primer for those starting down the path of game design.”

  • Dan Thurot, SPACE-BIFF!